i will build in, with, and for community


Growing up on the Southside as a mixed-heritage Latina, Arab & Jewish woman, I know the struggle of families dealing with systemic oppression and wealth disparities. We need a representative that has experience looking at these problems through an intersectional lens. We need comprehensive, holistic solutions to build the community that people in district 62B deserve to live in.


Environmental Justice &        Climate Change

Minnesota must be a leader as our federal government destroys environmental standards and allows public lands to be sacrificed for corporate profits. We need to explore clean energy options and listen to the voices of Indigenous people and those most impacted by climate change.


Affordable Cradle-to-College Education

As the mother of a Kindergartener, I struggled with the fact that young black boys like him are all too often forgotten by our education system. Every child in Minnesota, no matter their race or class, deserves access the best quality education available.


Criminal Justice & Drug Policy Reform

Our criminal justice system should not be what ends the hopes and dreams of so many of our young people. We need to legalize Marijuana for all adults, and provide amnesty for those who are incarcerated for selling or possessing it.