I will build with, in, and for the community.

Build healthy and secure communities

  • Implement a single-payer universal healthcare system in Minnesota.
  • Fight for reproductive and gender justice in healthcare including expanding access to birth control, trans therapy, and affordable reproductive healthcare—including childbirth, post-partum, abortions, and long-term birth control procedures. Address disparities in maternal and infant mortality.
  • Reduce carbon emissions with a goal of 85% renewable energy by 2035, provide support to cities for mandated lead testing, fight back against the Line 3 Pipeline and dangerous mining in Northern Minnesota, and provide reparations for communities harmed by environmental racism.
  • Address the opioid crisis from a public health perspective by:
    1. holding the pharmaceutical industry accountable.
    2. funding culturally-competent treatment programs that don’t separate families,
    3. and investing in harm reduction strategies such as safe injection sites.
  • Develop cross-jurisdictional strategies to expand safe harbor protections to adult women victims of sex trafficking and make sex work safe and legal.

Create fair access to democracy and citizenship

  • Expand voter access by increasing early voting and vote-by-mail programs and creating automatic voter registration.
  • Provide driver’s licenses for all Minnesotans regardless of immigration status, expand protections and support for Sanctuary Cities and Counties, and protect the Minnesota DREAM Act.

Shape an equitable economy

  • Pass a statewide $15/hr minimum wage.
  • Raise taxes on the wealthiest Minnesotans to fund investments in infrastructure, education, transit, and housing.
  • Protect collective bargaining rights and fight against ‘Right to Work’ legislation, oppose captive audience training, clarify definition of seasonal vs. temporary workers
  • Provide student loan debt relief.
  • Fight for affordable housing by:
    1. implementing a tenant’s bill of rights,
    2. passing a bonding bill to fund affordable housing and public housing,
    3. increasing rental assistance programs,
    4. repealing the statewide preemption on local efforts to stabilize rents.

Practice restorative, not criminal, justice

  • Fully legalize recreational marijuana and:
    1. Release all those incarcerated on marijuana-related offenses,
    2. Create a pathway to record expungement,
    3. Prioritize access to the legal cannabis industry for victims of the war on drugs.
  • Restore voting rights to the 47,000 felons in the state of Minnesota.
  • Fight discrimination against former felons by passing ‘ban the box’ for rental applications.
  • End cash bail.
  • Shut down private prisons and ban the creation of new private prisons.
  • Expand diversionary and restorative justice programs.

Provide all children access to high quality, attainable schools

  • Fully fund public schools and expand wrap-around services—physical and mental health, counseling, out-of-school programming.
  • Increase funding for the Child Care Assistance Program.
  • Fund all-day prekindergarten for all Minnesotan children.
  • Support healthy sexual education programs and affirmative consent policies.
  • Tuition-free higher education at all Minnesota public universities and colleges.